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How to do the fault diagnosis of hydraulic cylinder?

In our daily life, we often encounter mechanical faults, so it is very important to master certain fault diagnosis methods. Hydraulic cylinder can be seen everywhere in our daily life, and playing a more and more important role. This product can be called a vital part of the hydraulic system, can play its function to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, is a very important implementation element. Its faults generally include these aspects. First, the pressure cylinder misaction, this kind of fault is very common. Second, the inability to promote the load, which greatly affects the play of product functions. The third is the piston slip phenomenon, is also a frequent failure. The occurrence of these faults often affects the function of the product to a great extent, resulting in abnormal operation of the equipment and the final shutdown. This phenomenon is common. Therefore, we should be familiar with the basic properties of the product performance, and know how to check the fault diagnosis, and do a good job of product maintenance.

When we encounter misaction, or failure of the action of the fault, to find out the cause of the fault in time, and master the processing method. In this case, the valve hole is blocked. If the flow valve is stuck, it is easy to misoperate. At this time, we need to check the relevant situation of the oil in time, especially the pollution situation, and be especially careful. To carefully check the dirt, whether there is a stuck spool. At the same time, the wear of the valve body for detailed inspection.

In the second case, the piston rods are stuck to the cylinders. In this case, no matter how to operate, there is generally no effect, the hydraulic cylinder is in a state of no action. At this time, we need to timely check whether the seals of the two components are in a tight state, and see if there is any dirt sediment.

Post time: Oct-27-2021