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The working characteristics and working principle of electromagnetic support valve are introduced

Electromagnetic support valve selection can be divided into four types, applicability, stability, safety, economic. In applicability, the fluid in the pipeline must be consistent with the calibrated price of the solenoid valve series. The fluid temperature in the machine must be less than the standard temperature of the solenoid valve.

When the running of the machine if we found that the purity of the fluid is not very high, we can filter in the electromagnetic support valve before installation, the general mechanical requirement for the purity of the fluid is higher, the rest of the note also that the size of the flow tube and take over the size of the mouth, general equipment only two switch control of position, If conditions permit, bypass pipe can be installed, the installation of bypass pipe and not bypass pipe must be different. After installing the bypass pipe, it will be more convenient to maintain. If there is water hammer phenomenon, the adjustment of the switching time of the equipment should be customized. In addition, pay attention to the impact of the ambient temperature on the device. The current of the power supply and the power consumption should be selected according to the output capacity. The equipment is also divided into normally closed and normally open two kinds. The general choice is normally closed equipment, and the power is turned on, and the power is turned off, but when it is opened, it is very long when it is closed to choose normally open machines.

The service life of the equipment is generally tested by the factory before export. In general, there is no specific life time of the electromagnetic support valve in China, so the purchase of equipment must pay attention to the selection of appropriate manufacturers. General equipment is not waterproof, if you need waterproof, you need to buy waterproof, general factories will be customized.


Post time: Jan-18-2022