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What is the working principle and function of multi-way valve?

1, the working principle of multi-way valve: Its working valve plates generally group configuration, inlet valve block built-in tee bypass pressure compensation function of overflow valve, relief valve as the logic element, when multiple valve stops, and the valve when the median, the valve with a particular compensation pressure bypass main lines), when conditions change, the by-pass overflow valve under the effect of load pressure by-pass flow will be reduced, Provide the required flow according to the load pressure.

2, the role of multi-way valve: adjust the flow through the valve size, direction, etc.

Multi-way valve: it is composed of two or more than two directional valves as the main body of the combined valve, to longitudinal movement of a plurality of executive components. According to the requirements of different hydraulic systems, it can combine safety valve, overload valve, oil filling valve, shunt valve, brake valve, one-way valve and so on. Multi-way valve has the advantages of compact structure, small pressure loss, small slide valve movement resistance, multiple functions, long life, simple manufacturing, mainly used in construction machinery, lifting and transportation machinery and other requirements of vertical movement of multiple executive components in the walking machinery.

3. The maximum working pressure of multi-way valve is 420bar, and the maximum flow of single piece is 380L /min. It adopts a unified modular design and can provide reliable system solutions for construction vehicle manufacturers. With the user to according to the functional requirements of the valve body for different combinations, simple and reliable.

4, it can be a simple load-sensitive manual multi-way valve, and can be independent of the load and pump flow rate with unsaturated function of the electronic proportional control valve, at present our country to do multi-way valve hydraulic engineers mainly to the application design, for the valve itself system design and research and development has yet to be improved.

5. Usually, the working valve plate is configured in groups, and the inlet valve block has built-in three-way pressure compensation bypass relief valve and logic element. When the multi-way valve stops operation and the valves are in the middle position, the valve compensates the pressure bypass main oil flow. When a valve is working, the valve bypass port is reduced under the action of load pressure, according to the load pressure to provide the required flow.

Post time: Jan-18-2022