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Why gear pump pressure is not up

Gear pump in the process of use more or less will encounter some small problems, today we southern hydraulic to introduce you to the gear pump will appear a small problem.

Gear pump after use for a period of time. There will be pressure on or pressure is not enough phenomenon. The main reason is that the internal clearance is too large and the internal leakage increases after the wear of the internal components of the gear pump. Caused by reduced vacuum.

Gear pump after a period of time will often appear pressure up or pressure is not enough. Mainly due to the internal parts of the gear pump wear caused by internal clearance is too large, gear pump in the operation of internal leakage increase, vacuum reduction caused by. The main reasons for these phenomena are as follows:

First, gear pump gear end wear serious. Solution Replace the gear.

Two, the thrust plate on both sides of the gear pump is seriously worn. Solution Replace the thrust plate.

Three, gear pump gear outer circle wear serious. Solution Replace the gear.

Four, gear pump sleeve wear is serious. Solution Replace the shaft sleeve.

Post time: Dec-14-2021